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Rates and hours


Rates will be based on a 10 hour day length (12 hours must be pre-negotiated)  


A normal day will include a one hour break which is included within the agreed day length - e.g. if the day is a 10 hour day, it will be made up of 9 working hours plus one hour break.


Overtime and breaks


Overtime will be charged for any hour or part of hour worked over the agreed day length.  The normal fee for overtime is calculated on a time-and-a-half basis, for the first two hours, which then is calculated at the overtime rate multiple by a factor of two (herein referred to as T1.5 and T2 respectively).


If a lunch break or dinner break is missed, this will also be charged at the overtime rate as above (T1.5).  If no break is offered within 6 hours of starting work, then a missed meal break will be charged - again this is charged at T1.5.




Standard cancellation fees apply if a confirmed shoot is then cancelled.  If notice of cancellation is given between 48 to 24 hours or less from the shoot start time, the fee is 100% of the agreed day rate. If 48 hours or more notice is given, the fee is 50% of the agreed day rate.




Expenses will be added to the invoice unless provided for on location by production


Payment Terms


Payment terms are strictly upon receipt of invoice.  Invoices are due for payment within 30 days of receipt.

A late payment charge will be applied if an invoice is not paid within 30 days.


Hire of equipment


The client assumes responsibility for all equipment hired from “I Am Barriga” which is lost, stolen or damaged by its employees or whilst in the care of its employees. As such, any costs incurred as a result of loss/damage/replacement costs incurred by “I Am Barriga” as a result of such loss, will be the charged to the client. 

Same cancellation fee applies for hired Gear.



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