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miami director of photography


Red Gemini Package PL & EF

Red Komodo Package PL & EF


Vintage Russian Set of Rehoused PL Lenses:

(20mm, 28mm, 37mm, 58mm, 85mm, 135mm) 

DZOFilm Pictor 20-55mm 2.8

DZOFilm Pictor 50-125mm 2.8  

Sigma 18-35mm 1.8

Sigma 50-100mm 1.8 

Matte Box/Filters/etc...


24'' Flanders Scientific Monitor

21'' Flanders Scientific Monitor

17'' Panasonic Production Monitor

Small HD 702 Directors Monitor w/ cage

Small HD 702 OLED

Teradek Pro Wireless Video

Other Support

Hudson Spider Redback Kit

MYT Works 3 Foot Slider 

O'Connor 1030 HDS Tripod System

Wireless Follow Focus System

Inovativ Camera Cart

Aputure C300D HMI Light kit

2x 1200 HMI LED Light Kits

Recommended Local Rental House: 

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